We at ZAAZU attach great importance to sustainability - for us, this does not begin with the finished piece of jewelery or even its shipping, it starts with the materials and how they are processed. That's why we want to show you as transparently as possible how your favorite ZAAZU parts are made.

Work ethics

All your ZAAZU jewelry is lovingly handcrafted individually by talented Balinese gold and silversmiths. We attach great importance to fair pay and good working conditions. It is a matter close to our hearts that every employee can move into and use their own, individually designed workspace.
Our goldsmiths and silversmiths work with the utmost care and dedication, have the necessary protective equipment, have flexible break times and a work area that is yours alone. They are remunerated above average for their outstanding work and accordingly enjoy their craft with great pleasure.
We work very closely with our blacksmiths - each of your favorite ZAAZU pieces is created, from the idea to the finished piece of jewelry, always in teamwork.


We at ZAAZU are aware of the responsibility towards our planet that each and every one of us bears, but especially we as a company. That is why we attach great importance to our ecological footprint. We only use recycled 925 Stirling silver and real stones to make our jewelry. We recycle old pieces of silver jewelery and give them a new life by melting them down and lovingly handcrafting them into your new favorite piece. We do not use plastic or silicone in the manufacture of your jewelry and pay attention to the origin of our raw materials. We source the materials used in the manufacture of our products locally to support local people. We also make sure to produce in small quantities to minimize our CO2 emissions and conserve resources.


Our claim to act in a sustainable and resource-saving manner does not end with the production of our jewelry, but continues with our product and shipping packaging. Your ZAAZU jewelry box is made of natural cardboard made from 100% recycled fibers and all raw materials and adhesives used are biodegradable. Our shipping packaging is made from 90% recycled materials, printed with water-based black ink and is 100% biodegradable. In addition, with every shipping package you support the environmental organization OneTreePlanted, which specializes in the reforestation of forests. This ensures that more forest is created for our packaging than is consumed. If you would like to learn more about the production of our shipping packaging, simply scan the QR on your ZAAZU order and you will receive all the interesting information at a glance.